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Conference Invitations


Future conferences where you will find me.

Please click below to read more and register for virtual conferences.

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American Chemical Society
Fall 2022 August 21 -25, 2022
National Meeting
Chicago, Illinois

Sustainability in a Changing World


Turtle Island
Indigenous Science

Join us as we explore the Indigenous scientific legacy and the value of the application of two-eyed seeing to modern science today.

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Chemical Institute of Canada
Talks Careers
Women's History Month Edition

Join us on Thursday, October 21, 2021, at noon for CIC Talks Careers: Women’s History Month Edition to connect with some of the women inspiring the next generation of chemical sciences and chemical engineering professionals. This free employment workshop allows participants to receive valuable career advice from experienced professionals who are committed to helping others overcomes common career hurdles – particularly women and other individuals who require further support and valuable advice to help them overcome common work challenges that have been further emphasized due to the realities of the global pandemic.  


Soapbox Science

Soapbox Science is a novel public outreach platform for promoting women scientists and the science they do. Soapbox Science provides an opportunity for adults, teens and children alike, to meet prominent women leaders in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM) and become inspired by their success. 

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