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David Suzuki: Indigenous Knowledge Is Often More Profound Than Science

Science is a specific way of knowing that must be situated within a broader context to be significant and relevant

🌍In many ways, Indigenous knowledge is more encompassing and profound than science. It embraces gratitude, love, respect and a deep sense of responsibility. Scientists scrub such emotions in the name of objectivity and try to find universal principles that can be replicated anywhere.

🐢Indigenous knowledge is the accumulated observations, trials and errors, successes and failures of people living in place. It’s critical for a peoples’ survival and has been tested by their presence over thousands of years.

🐢It’s also deeply subjective and meaningful, considering the web of relationships with all other animal and plant species, and air, water, soil and sunlight. The element of reciprocity, of responsibility, is missing in contemporary science, and society in general.

🌍🌳🌿❄🦫🦬👩‍🔬We need both science and Indigenous knowledge for a fuller understanding of our place in the world.

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