Founder of Askenootow STEM Enterprise Inc. is Dawn Pratt, MSc.



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Askenootow (19th Century Cree; translation meaning worker (nootow) of the earth (aske)) is a newly created Indigenous owned STEM company by an Indigenous female scientist (chemist) developing Indigenous STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) lesson activities for

teachers and parents. 

Askenootow spoke three languages and was an interpreter for Treaty Four. 

 He was my great great great grandfather

(English Name: Charles Cowley Pratt, 1816-1888)

Indigenous owned and created by an Indigenous Anishnaabe Scientist.

Breaking barriers and creating Indigenous STEM content.


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Me, Myself & I

Meet dawn

Hi I am Dawn and I’ve been a professional Educational Consultant for over 20 years and I come from Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation.

From my own childhood, I can remember the day my parents bought me a chemistry kit in Grade 4. Since then, I have pursued a life-long ambition of becoming a chemist and passing on my love and passion for science to children, youth, and adults.

Throughout my education and professional career, I have responded actively to rectifying  the lack of Indigenous STEM role models and Indigenized STEM content.

In my work, I reinstitute Indigenized STEM content that includes Indigenous Elders’ and Knowledge Keepers; and cultural, linguistic and land based teachings.

I also mentor my two Indigenous daughters to see the world of science & math with culture & language.

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Educational Services

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Educational Professionalism

Expert Advice through  Indigenous STEM lesson planning

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1-on-1 Mentoring

The Path to Success

I would love to work with you on developing fun engaging hands-on science lesson plans and activities. Science can easily be made into experientially science activities. 

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Indigenous Science Workshops

Students & Teachers

I would love to work with you or your students with an in classroom activity.  One science class with me will  be so much fun and I guarantee your students will not want to stop learning!



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