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Founder of askenootow STEM Enterprise Inc. is
Dawn Pratt, MSc.

askenootow is a newly created Indigenous-owned STEM company by an Indigenous female chemist developing Indigenous STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) lesson activities.


Me, Myself & I

Meet Dawn

Hi I am Dawn and I’ve been a professional Educational Consultant for over 25 years and I come from Muscowpetung Saulteaux Nation.

From my own childhood, I can remember the day my parents bought me a chemistry kit in Grade 4. Since then, I have pursued a life-long ambition of becoming a chemist and passing on my love and passion for science to children, youth, and adults.

Throughout my education and professional career, I have responded actively to rectifying  the lack of Indigenous STEM role models and Indigenized STEM content.

In my work, I reinstitute Indigenized STEM content that includes Indigenous Elders’ and Knowledge Keepers; and cultural, linguistic and land based teachings.
I mentor my two First Nation Indigenous daughters to see the world of science & math with culture & language.

Want to learn more?   Contact me today.


Educational Services

Expertise. Creativity. Ingenuity.

Askenootow STEM colour Logo
Building engineering

Educational Professionalism

Expert Advice through  Indigenous STEM lesson planning

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life?

Contact me today!

1-on-1 Mentoring

The Path to Success

I would love to work with you on developing fun engaging hands-on science lesson plans and activities. Science can easily be made into experientially science activities. 

Building bridges using paper and pipe cleaners
Inuvik engineered a quimik or tobaggon to travel on snow

Indigenous Science Workshops

Students & Teachers

I would love to work with you or your students with an in classroom activity.  One science class with me will  be so much fun and I guarantee your students will not want to stop learning!

Never Miss a Lesson

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Lee Wilson Chemistry Professor at University of Saskatchewan

“I was very pleased that she completed her MSc degree successfully and, to my knowledge, she is one of the first female First Nations students to have completed a graduate degree in chemistry. Since that time, other students have followed—and this is important to note, because she can be viewed as a trailblazer and role model for Indigenous women in science.”
~Lee Wilson, MSc Supervisor, Usask

Askenootow STEM colour Logo

Julie @aminobiolab

Dawn, thank you for sharing with us last time. It was very impactful to hear your experiences and feedback previously, and I'm sure the same will be true for today!

Tony Bassett,

Genome Prairie

I wanted to thank you again for being part of the panel today. You’ve done some amazing work in your life, and I cannot possibly imagine how many young people you’ve inspired and motivated to follow their dreams. I thank you so much for your insights and for expressing your own passions and inspirations.

Brenda B. @ Duncan Christian School

It was lovely meeting you as well! I'm super excited to start my journey by bringing our local language into my classroom. I also appreciate all the resources you shared with me. I have many places to start looking now.

Thank you for offering to continue my education :) I will certainly reach out to you with any questions.

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